We are a network of primary care physicians committed to providing the highest quality
medical care for the Medicaid, Medicare, and uninsured populations of North Carolina.
As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, AccessCare was designed to improve access to medical services, maintain quality of care for its clients on a no-charge basis, as well as reducing costs of client care for the state. Established in July 1998 as a member owned not-for-profit of 23 practices, AccessCare has grown to a statewide network of over 300 primary care practices with 1,000 providers caring for over 227,000 Medicaid enrollees as of April 2011. AccessCare is the largest of fourteen local networks   of primary care providers that contract with North Carolina's Department of Health and Human Services to develop disease management and case management initiatives and coordinate prevention, treatment and other services. This system of networks, coordinated by Community Care of North Carolina, enhances the Carolina ACCESS Medicaid program by developing voluntary, physician-led community partnerships to improve care and reduce costs by connecting Medicaid enrollees with a medical home.
AccessCare Initiatives
CREATE Unique web-based information technology system throughout our network
ESTABLISH Targeted disease management programs, authorization processes, and after-hours protocol
COORDINATE Case management of high risk population
DEVELOP Specific strategies to address the special needs of the enrolled population
AccessCare is owned by its volunteer provider members who elect member physicians and other North Carolina health care leaders to serve on the organization's Board of Directors.   AccessCare operates within an enhanced case management fee.