Case Management

Provider Benefits

AccessCare provides its volunteer member primary care practices with:

In addition, AccessCare provides technical support to each volunteer participating practice, including employment of local care managers and partial to full reimbursement for additional operating costs.

Patient Benefits

To be eligible for free case management services, a patient must receive Carolina ACCESS Medicaid, and the patient’s primary care physician must be a member of an AccessCare participating medical practice. 

AccessCare's case managers then provide patients the following on a no-charge basis:

Patients Rights and Responsibilities

AccessCare is committed to respecting the rights of all patients receiving complex care management services. Network staff provides patients an explanation of their rights while they are receiving services as well as an explanation of what is expected from the patient while they are receiving services.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities - English
Patient Rights and Responsibilities - Spanish

Patients may communicate complaints directly to CCNC Central Office via web link: